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Toivo`s Breathing - exercises with accurately counting the seconds

CORRECT breathing - the basis of good health
As you can see from the picture on the left, even animals understand how important it is to relax, do
breathing exercises and perhaps even meditate from time to time.

The humans - why is it necessary to guide or force them? Why do they start thinking about breathing only when
their health is fading or their weight refuses to submit to fashion. Then, when they finally start looking for
materials, they lose all abilities of realistic analysis since the information society offers thousands of versions of
teachings, exercises, etc. Sadly, the majority of these teachings are replicas of each other and LACK any
KNOWLEDGE of human physiology.
Even the majority of yoga breathing trainers do not grasp the ESSENCE of the teachings, which is exactly why
they preach… TAKE A DEEP BREATH, AND EXHALE. As a result, the students’ health actually unnoticeably
worsens because they are taught to hyperventilate with their lungs making the student lose necessary oxygen
from their blood causing low-quality blood to be transported to all organs. The low-quality blood has a direct
effect on the organs’ functions.
On this site I propose a three-staged breathing training programme:
1.    You will begin training according to the parameters that the human physiology NEEDS!
2.    You will begin DEVELOPING your lung capacity along with the capacity of all of the breathing muscles
3.    Those who are interested may begin RESTORING THEIR ENTIRE BODY using a special therapeutic breathing system

The teachings I have brought here are based on two basic truths:
1.    The human body is a SUPER chemistry lab or factory. The atoms in the human body vibrate constantly. Incessant changes constantly take place in
the body. The material composition is replaced every 3-4 months - all cells are replaced so that not a single old atom left in the body. But each vibration
has its specific rhythm. Rhythm exists everywhere in the world. Each of our breaths are the most direct RHYTHMICAL MANIFESTATION and is subject to
the regularities that govern rhythm, just like the planets circling the Sun.
2.    The human body also has an extremely precise BIOLOGICAL CLOCK. Of course nobody wants the important biological clock to randomly fall behind or
rush ahead. A precise clock guarantees that all physiological and chemical processes take place “technologically” correctly
This is why all the exercises brought here need to be done EXACTLY according to the rhythm of the CLOCK.
In addition to keeping the clock in mind, it is also important to USE THE DIAPHRAGM during the entire breathing process. The diaphragm is one of the
most INGENIOUS inventions of all the organs in the human body. Shame on the educational system that only discusses the diaphragm in general terms,
ignoring its VITAL functions, when teaching children about the human body.

Before beginning with the exercises, you should measure:
a)    Your pulse, and remember it. You should sometimes check your pulse both between and after trainings. It would be great if you started to keep a diary
about it.
b)    Your maximal breathing pause, which you should measure after exhaling calmly until you experience a sensation of lack of air. This number has a great

Up to 30 seconds - the person is practically ill; the immune system is unable to fight the changes in the external environment.
40 seconds - the person is on the verge of falling ill but is STILL an averagely healthy person.
60 seconds - the person’s health is GOOD.
90 seconds - the person’s health is VERY GOOD.

Note: the indicators can be approx. 30% smaller for schoolchildren/youth (up to 18 years of age).
Since doctors around the world recommend that the human body should be supplied better with oxygen - go OUT AND BREATH THE FRESH AIR - my training also recommends supplying the body with oxygen better, but in a completely different way - I recommend making the BODY TAKE OXYGEN IN BETTER!!!

Only ONE thing improves how well oxygen is obtained from the blood - a NORMATIVE carbon dioxide level
What you should know about carbon dioxide

When a human breathes through the open mouth, as usually happens with sufficient load during jogging or working out, Nordic walking
or skiing, etc., then:

1.    Hyperventilation takes place in the lungs and as a result the body begins losing carbon dioxide, because - simple laws of physics - of the relation
between pressures and concentration. There is only 0.03% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but it HAS to be 6.5% in the pulmonary alveolus. The
atmosphere is almost a vacuum for the open lungs through the mouth.
2.    Since carbon dioxide volatilizes intensely, the lungs are unable to utilize the oxygen.  Only 15 minutes of breathing through the open mouth
reduces the blood’s oxygen content by 25% causing the cells to receive less oxygen than before. With insufficient oxygen, the cell’s metabolism
becomes anaerobic the acidification process is incomplete causing the formation of large amounts of lactic acid, which accelerates the aging process.
3.    When the body begins to lose carbon dioxide from the blood, it begins to produce and deposit more cholesterol TO AVOID THE LOSS OF
CARBON DIOXIDE. Improve the carbon dioxide content in the blood and the cholesterol will begin decreasing on its own. But what do people/doctors
do? They begin FIGHTING the cholesterol. By reducing it, they lose more carbon dioxide and become even more ill. A paradox!!!!
4.    When the body (lungs) begins losing too much carbon dioxide, the body tries to fight it by producing SPUTUM in the lungs’ bronchi and bronchioles
to bind the carbon dioxide. Our doctors do not want to improve breathing and instead start fighting the sputum, causing the illnesses to develop even

The biological importance of carbon dioxide:

· Carbon dioxide helps oxygen circulate in the blood vessels, oftentimes it guarantees that the blood reaches particular cells at all. The problem
is that the capillaries before the cell are so narrow that even the oxygen carrying erythrocyte is much wider in diameter than that of the blood
vessel the erythrocyte is supposed to “wiggle through”. When there is a normal amount of it, carbon dioxide on the other hand, with its large
and strong molecule moves like a tank in the blood and widens the vessels.
· Carbon dioxide improves how well oxygen separates from haemoglobin and its journey to the cell. If there is not enough carbon dioxide in the
blood, a large amount of oxygen remains within the haemoglobin and the work the blood does transporting the oxygen from the lungs to the cell
and on to the lungs in pointless.
· Cells use carbon dioxide to synthesize various substances (for forming proteins, fats, carbohydrates etc.). This is why regulating breathing and
increasing the level of CO2 helps restore the processes of the metabolism in case of various disorders.
· Carbon dioxide easily forms carbonic acid in the tissues and thus forms a part of the acid-alkaline regulation of the tissues. This, on the other
hand, is extremely important regarding vitamins, ferments, hormones and the effective functioning of the metabolism.
· Carbon dioxide affects brain activity and in small amounts has a stimulating effect on neurons, i.e. it is a natural stimulant and a
source of tone for the brain. It is extremely important for achieving and maintaining a good mood and well-being. IF people ARE in
a good mood and feel well, they don’t need any additional stimulants (alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, etc.).
· Carbon dioxide affects the tone (activity) of smooth muscle tissue. The stomach, intestines, gall and urinary bladders, ureters and parts of the
uterus are formed of smooth muscle tissue. The bronchi and intestinal walls also have smooth muscle tissue. The tone of the muscles is good
with normal carbon dioxide levels. When the carbon dioxide level decreases, it causes spasms in smooth muscle tissue - in the artery,
intestines and other organs, while the veins may enlarge.
·     Carbon dioxide also affects blood coagulations and viscosity.
ToivoBreathing - Exercises with EXACTLY counting the seconds
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And GOD said:

Don`t do things           
just “for making them”,
but to achieve   
And for results do these
exercises every day and
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People with usual breathing - 15 to 20 times per minute (7,5 - 10 liters), this means that there is too fast ventilation in their lungs and
arterial blood does not have the possibility to be enriched with carbon dioxide and so starts the constant oxygen famine in tissues/cells. Tissue
hypoxia is not only the pathogenic basis for heart ischemia or stroke of myocardium but it plays an important role in about 150 different
It has been clinically proven that every per cent below the norm (6,5%) makes micro vessels narrow by 20 to 25 per cent. So breathing
amount 8 - 10 l/min keeps them 50% (or more) closed - The cause of high blood pressure.
HYPOXIA causes bigger or smaller loss in sensing pain and the person would not be capable of sensing how ill he/she really is!
Modern medicine can only cure the consequences of hypoxia not its original reason.
To make it short and clear: There are no medicines for hypoxia, it can and has to be cured by yourself.
So we have again reached the reason WHY WE HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO BREATHE and how to get the right concentration of carbon
dioxide in our bloodstream or how to organize it so that the normal breathing amount would be close to the amount from two to four liters
per minute, which is needed to exclude hypoxia.
Almost all people NEED the breathing exercises; the
simplest and most effective are here: