Therapeutic breathing
We learn to treat oneself through breathing
As we already know from before, correct breathing needs to be slow, take place through the nose and be unnoticeable. The formula for therapeutic breathing is 1:4:2. This means that using the minimal version, the inhalation lasts 3 seconds, the exhalation lasts 3 x 4 = 12 seconds, and the pause before the inhalation is 3 x 2 = 6 seconds. Together, the cycle lasts 3 + 12 + 6 = 21 seconds. The number 21 is also a holy number, because the most esteemed goddess Tara appeared in 21 different forms.
3 seconds
12 seconds
6 seconds
You may also breathe with a 6:24:12 second cycle or with even longer breathing cycles; it basically has no relevance because the
aim of therapeutic breathing is to gradually decrease the amount of inhaled air.
Executing this exercise and reaching the result generally only requires one thing - STRONG WILLPOWER!
Choose a lying down pose as indicated on the picture. It differs from the savasana yoga pose in that you should place a small
pillow under your head to increase comfort. Comfort is necessary so that nothing would obstruct you from using your willpower
to the maximum.
The back needs to be straight. It is easy to check how straight the back is - place your hand below your back and if you find a gap
that your hand fits into, the pose is wrong. To correct the pose, lift your hips for a moment and lower them again. The gap will no
longer be there.
Let us begin
It is possible to achieve the effect of therapeutic breathing in two ways:

1. Begin extending the cycles from 9 + 36 + 18, then 12 + 48 + 24, etc. You will eventually reach a level where you will no
longer be able to increase the amount of inhaled air due to a mechanic reason - your lungs and chest have achieved their
maximal expansion capacity.
2.   Stick to the 3 + 12 + 6 rhythm and observe the following:
For the first 3 minutes, get accustomed to the 3 + 12 + 6 second rhythm, breathing as you should - i.e. moving the diaphragm
according to the direction of the air movement and flexing the sphincter muscles of the anus while you hold your breath. The
beneficial effect of the flexing is explained in the section “Developing lungs

Try slowly decreasing the amount of inhaled air during the following 3, 6 or 9 minutes of exercise without changing the length
and rhythm.
Decreasing the air should create a sensation of “running out of air”. If the desire to increase the amount of inhaled air becomes
stronger, you may inhale a LITTLE more air once or twice. If you do it correctly, this balancing on the verge of very little air should
create a feeling of warmth within the entire body and in about 6 minutes you should get “hot” and sweat should begin to
form on your forehead or elsewhere.

To combat the sensation of having little air, you may limit the amount of work your diaphragm does and stop flexing the sphincter
muscles of the anus to decrease pressure and make it easier to use your WILLPOWER.
The length of this exercise does not have to exceed 12 minutes on the first days and weeks.
Once you finish the exercise, continue to sit for a minute or few breathing with a normal rhythm - 6:6:3 seconds. After that you may
stand up and go back to your daily activities.
When you check your maximal breathing pause (MBP) after the exercise, it should be a few seconds longer than before the
exercise because in the meantime, your body has stored more carbon dioxide.
Why do we want to make the body “heat up” like that?
For the simple reason that it begins a self-cleansing reaction in the entire body. It is impossible to determine when this reaction
begins for a particular person; for some it already begins on the first day of exercise, for others, several months later.
Usually a person’s maximal breathing pause will become longer by a few seconds before this reaction occurs; on the other hand, it
will become shorter during the cleansing reaction because the carbon dioxide that has built up in the body is utilized in internally
reorganising all of the body’s systems: the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the bones and muscles, the lungs, liver and
stomach, etc.
The cleansing reactions may last from a few minutes to several days. For instance, getting rid of all the tar in the lungs of a long-time
smoker may take a year or few.
Some people may not feel quite themselves while these reactions take place, but there is no need to fear this - you should instead
be happy, because your body has BEGUN healing itself. If you should experience pain, where there was none before, it means that
the illness WAS ALREADY there, but still in its initial stages.
There is no need to run out and buy medications, but if you were ALREADY taking a medication prescribed by the doctor, continue
taking it, but try to limit the amount - give your body a change to do the work ITSELF

If you suffer from a serious illness, you should continue to get check-ups at the doctor; diabetics should get themselves
tested frequently.

      Cleansing reactions according to your previous maximal
                                   breathing pause (MBP):     

1. If your MBP was 10 seconds, you will achieve this sense of hotness and sweat relatively quickly, because your body has
virtually no adaptation abilities.
On the other hand, the things removed from your body during the cleansing reaction are slight and superficial. The cleansing
reaction may elicit flu-like symptoms - weakness, chills, fever, diarrhoea, pus-like secretion from the eyes, nose, etc. You may
experience a loss of appetite, while your fluid intake may increase; you may feel as if you mouth is dry and a coating may appear on
your tongue.
2. People with an MBP around 20 seconds.                                                                                                        .     
Reactions to the cleansing will appear in the nose, lungs, intestines, skin (itching may occur), all post-operation and other old scars
will begin to hurt, as will bee stings, healed bones, etc. - in all parts of your body. At least partially, this stage may also incorporate
digestive processes; saliva secretion will increase, as will excretion from the lungs, nose, etc. Your senses of smell and taste will be
restored during this cleansing, which may, on the other hand, also be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhoea.
Since it is necessary to constantly remain within the process in order to achieve this cleansing, the exercise should be repeated
several times a day for at least 12 minutes. People with lung disease may experience an increase in body temperature to up to 40 or
more degrees - do not attempt to bring it down using medication!  Ill-being may be relieved by a full body massage.

3. People with an MBP of around 30 seconds.

The healing process now also incorporates the nervous system - people may begin crying without any reason and become easily
aroused and aggravated. Temporary depression and a GREAT DISLIKE towards any kind of breathing exercises may occur - this
is called psychological cleansing and it can ONLY be overcome with WILLPOWER.
4. MBP level at 40 seconds

As you may remember, 40 seconds is the indicator of an ALMOST healthy person.  Cleansing begins to be rather extreme: the
vascular system, metabolism, intestines, and kidneys are readjusted, benign tumours will begin to disappear, and blood pressure
becomes normal.  A person with hypertension, who has reached a 40 second pause, NO LONGER has hypertension.
Cardiovascular pathologies disappear at an MBP of 45 seconds. Readjustments of all endocrine systems, the menstrual cycle, the
thyroid, the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland, the gonad, etc. begin to take place.
Toxins are removed from the body and bodyweight begins to normalise. Even overly thin people lose weight but once the cleansing
process has finished, their bodyweight normalises. All women’s necessary “shapes” are restored, but now with new, clean and
healthy cells. During this cleansing process, sand that you were not even aware of may begin to move from the kidneys or gall
bladder. The movement of the sand may cause intense pain. In order to relieve the pain, it is necessary to do even more exercise -
move, jump, dance, do ANYTHING to increase the carbon dioxide level in the blood until the carbon dioxide widens the passageways
and the sand/stones can exit without causing pain.
Haemorrhoid piles will begin to disappear, which may be accompanies by bleeding or pus-like secretions - just keep the area clean.
Varicose veins will also disappear. 

5. MBP level at 60 seconds - this is the level of a healthy person.

If a person with a level this high is able to make the body heat up and sweat appear at all by further decreasing the amount of air,
everything that has not been cleansed in the previous phases will begin to be cleansed now.
At this level, the length of the exercise should probably be at least 36 minutes. If you are unable to summon a cleansing reaction but
would like to reach the 90 second limit, you may try provoking it somehow - for instance violate some basic but safe life rules, e.g.
significantly changing your eating habits.
The cleansing processes on this level are capable of cleansing even the deepest corners of the lungs.
The tongue is the mirror of the cleansing processes. A normal tongue is pink, moist, clean, and without any cracks or coating. If the
tongue develops a yellowish coating, the liver is being cleansed; if the coating is white, the gastrointestinal system is being cleansed.
If the tongue is dry, it is a sign that the body is dehydrated. It is necessary to drink a lot of CLEAN WATER during this phase. It would
be best to begin each day by drinking a glass of water at room temperature immediately after waking up in the morning.

                                                          Final recommendations:

1. Do not stop exercising when you experience the first problems; use your willpower to the maximum.
2. If you are not hungry, do not force yourself to eat (according to some useless charts suggested by eating specialists), do not
obstruct your body from doing it primary task - cleansing the body. If you are greatly overweight and the general condition of
your body allows for it, you may also add an Eat Stop Eat diet to the cleansing processes, which significantly increases
the body’s metabolism.
3. Also clean the body from the outside - take frequent showers and sitting baths (with only your lower body submerged in the
water), visit steam saunas, etc.
4. Drink hot salty water a few times a day. The best salt available in Europe is Pan-salt, which has added microelements that
are useful for the body. A lack of salt in the body is often the cause of the weakness that occurs during the cleansing
5. Take a pill or a few drops of potassium iodide with your food each day.
6. If you experience constipation, you may use a mild laxative (for instance Bisacodyl).
7. In case of fever, you may use a mustard plaster that is safe for your health.
8. Cleansing the lungs requires an even temperature - avoid cold places and draft winds to prevent hypothermia, but also avoid
bundling up too much to prevent hyperthermia.
9. Since the healing reactions require and use large amounts of silicon, you should use the silicone gel sold at pharmacies,
drink common horsetail tea or eat white clay - 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day. The clay passes through the intestines as a
strong cleansing brush, carrying along all toxins.
10. If a coating should appear on your tongue, scrape it off (you may even use a spoon).
Try to avoid using sugar during the cleansing process - honey and dried fruits are good alternatives. Some fruits and vegetables
that are otherwise beneficial for the health, e.g. grapes and tomatoes, are not good for the liver during the cleansing process

All cleansing process have several other (sometimes scary) symptoms that I will not discuss at present. If you are
interested in finding out more, contact the Buteyko centre nearest to you. The Buteyko method has also created their
OWN technology for achieving the sense of suffocation and for summoning the healing processes. It does not matter
which method you use to summon the healing process, the healing will take place the same regardless. Thus, if you feel it
is necessary, you may go to your nearest Buteyko centre and go through the process there, under the supervision of
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